Glimpses of God

by Clark Roush, Ph.D.

This past weekend our college hosted its annual spring high school days. There is not enough blog space to begin to detail the preparation that goes into this weekend. It is fun – but it is exhausting! We are generally very focused on our own activity and how that fits into the scheme of thing, and to be honest, I was not expecting two wonderful encounters.

The first, was with a good friend of mine, Dr. Scott Simpson. He has the soul of an artist. and has life lenses that must pass through those filters. I found myself engaged with Scott, in what was far too brief a time. We were discussing Parker Palmer’s work / words and how that fit into our artistic, spiritual, and personal paradigm. One cannot read Parker’s work without catching the importance he places on quiet, meditation, and knowing your real self. In my hustle and bustle, I moved on to “the next thing,” having enjoyed our short discourse.

The second was with Gary Cleveland. After my concert, we started talking about art and faith, how they intertwine, how they show us eternal truths that other things cannot, and how transforming and enlightening art can be to faith and things concerning God. We talked about God being a Creator, so naturally the creative spirit lives in mankind – we just often “shut it down” in the name of safe religion.

Upon very successfully completing the weekend, I was spending time in reflection about the experience, and in the quiet, it dawned on me what had really happened. God used two of his servants to show me a glimpse of Himself. It was precious, and my heart still stirs thinking about some of the overtones of our conversations.

How many times do we get so busy trying to do good things in an excellent way that we neglect to understand that glimpses of God can be all around us? They may not scream for our attention, and they may be so “casual” that we don’t at first recognize them for what they are. In His divine wisdom, he understands we need glimpses from time to time to sustain us. God covered the face of Moses and gave him a glimpse of HImself as passed by on the mount. Some of the disciples saw an incredible scene of transfiguration.

My heart is full and my spirit is nourished because God descended in the form of these two men, and allowed me to have significant interactions that would stir my soul and nature at a time it was desparately needed. I think I might have missed some of the richness and depth intended had I not taken the time to reflect and meditate on the weekend. Thank you God for bringing these men into my heart and life, and thank you for being patient with me until I was done with my “important things,” and could attend to You and what You were trying to acomplish.