Recently read / On the reading li

by Clark Roush, Ph.D.

I believe our minds and hearts are greatly shaped by what we put into them; hence, we becoming an amalgam of the things we ponder. I believe pondering and reflection profoundly changes us, whether or not we wind up agreeing with everything another writer / speaker says or not. I write this realizing I’m not a blogger that others are likely to base an opinion on, but nonetheless, these are the words and thoughts that have shaped me, and will shape me. These books are not listed in any particular order, but I share them for any good you might get from the list, and with gratitude for the way the Holy Spirit leads me to certain “voices.” I consistently read that you shouldn’t worry about your social media reach or influence when you write – you should just write. My youngest son, Mitchell Roush, constantly reinforces the need to create and not just consume, so I’m taking a deep breath, releasing any expectations / wishes, and am going to try to take others’ word for it.

Books Recently Read:

Out of Sorts – Sarah Bessey
Searching for Sunday – Rachel Held Evans
Spiritual Sobriety – Elizabeth Esther
Brazen – Leanna Tankersley
Grounded – Diana Butler Bass
Night Driving – Addie Zierman
Becoming Human – Jean Vanier
Wild in the Hollow – Amber Haines
An Altar in the World – Barbara Brown Taylor
Accidental Saints – Nadia Bolz-Weber
A Life in Music – Daniel Barenboim
O Clap Your Hands – Gordon Giles

On the reading list: (I have all these book already)

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown (late to the party, I know!)
Rising Strong – Brene Brown
Falling Upward – Richard Rohr
The Best Yes – Lisa Terkeurst
The Truth About Leadership – Kouzes & Posner
How to Be Here – Rob Bell
Water to Wine – Brian Zahnd
Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven – John Eliot Gardner
The Ragamuffin Gospel – Brennan Manning (real late to the party – better late than never?)
1791 – Mozart’s Last Year – H.C. Robbins Landon & M.C. Landon
Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation – James K.A. Smith

In a recent conversation with my wife, we were talking about reading, and I repeated to her the excellent and accurate (in my opinion) quote that “those who do not read have no advantage over those who cannot read.” I hope you are able to fill your minds/hearts with some of the above thoughts/reflections/confessions/challenges. If you’re like me, nothing will ever replace the “old-style book” where you can highlight, write in the margins, and make annotations in the back. None of the above listed books are the electronic version – but,  it really doesn’t matter which form you use – hard copy or electronic – just read!  And of course, then spend time pondering and reflecting. Blessings on your summer!