by Clark Roush, Ph.D.

One week ago Sue and I spent the better portion of Tuesday in Omaha for a “cancer day.” My oncologist wanted new scans, needed to check my PSA, and then would consult with us on the best options for the future.

We had asked you to pray, and so I feel you are owed the day’s results.

1. The cancer is localized and has not spread. This is one thing we asked you to specifically pray about.
2. The treatment I began several weeks ago already has a significantly positive effect on my PSA. It had dropped drastically.
3. The Dr. spoke with us about the possibility of intermittent treatment. If the treatment continues to work well, we might be able to suspend treatment until blood tests dictate otherwise.
4. I am scheduled for my next treatment/visit May 12.

All of this adds up to the best report we could have hoped for!! I am writing this because I am thankful – but not just for the positive medical news. I am thankful for many more things. Bear with me as a delineate some of those.

I am thankful for a wife who has had to endure the worse of “for better or for worse” more than she deserves. She continues to teach me much about love, opening the heart fully, and embracing my humanity. How in the world was I so fortunate?

I am thankful for my family. I am so proud of my sons and daughter-in-loves. They enrich my life in ways they probably never imagine. I am blessed to have their prayers, their love, their concern, and their support.

I am thankful for bosses and colleagues who care deeply for this assertive, opinionated, passionate, and 31 year employee of York College. Their prayers and expressed wishes and concerns leave me grateful – not everyone has a work environment like that.

I am thankful for the most amazing students a professor and conductor could ask for. Their dedication to the musical things important to me continually inspires me and makes me want to give them everything I have on a daily basis.

And of course, YOU, my beloved, faithful, and incredible prayer warriors. To say Sue and I are humbled by the number of people taking my health and our family Throneward would be an understatement. Your expression of love and concern have buoyed us through some nervous days and stressful times. Our prayer posse is of inestimable value to Team Roush. I have no way to adequately repay you, but to not thank you and try to communicate my love and appreciation would be gross negligence.

I have learned much about myself in the lasts 3 years, and believe the forced reflection and increased awareness of life’s truest priorities have reoriented my heart in positive ways. I certainly am spiritually ready for my heavenly home, but am nowhere near emotionally or physically ready. There is so much good left to do. I am grateful for your capacity to share this journey with me. I am honored by your love and spiritual care.

I am thankful!